Home Plans in Brooksville, FL

The key to creating the perfect home is a thorough, well-determined approach. Making sure all of your needs and wants are determined—as well as the styles and design elements of your concept home—are crucial when it comes to the actual building process.

At Ressel Construction, we work with you to make planning for your home simple. We hire reputable draftsmen and architects who have the insight to ensure we turn your vision into reality. We know all of the questions to ask and steps to take when it comes to determining the details that make your home unique. Count on us to guide you through the process and make sure everything is covered, so that the final scope of work is true to the images in your head.

Home Planning

When you are ready to make your house plans in Brooksville, FL, we’ll make sure no stone is left unturned. We take your ideas, hire a draftsman or an architectural designer and have them design your perfect home. With our experienced professionals, we will consult with you on overall style and size, as well as features, rooms and space allocation. From there, count on us to help you determine materials and costs. From something as large-scale as determining room arrangement, to as simple as the color of your carpet, we flesh out the details that make your home one in a million.

complete house design


With 40 years of building experience behind us, we’ve had a hand in a diverse range of projects. This means we’re well-equipped with knowledge about how to help you get what you want, without outstripping your budget. Count on us to make recommendations that fall within your budget and house plan. We can also narrow choices down for you, to reduce confusion or misunderstanding.

Going the Extra Mile

Before the building process even begins, Ressel Inc. strives to illustrate our expertise and earn your trust. From accessory choices to decisions regarding the structure of your home and everything in between, we’ll make sure when it comes time to build, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Contact us today at 352-799-1365 for more information about our services or to consult with one of our qualified home builders about getting the process started.